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Currier & Ives Mount Vernon - The Home of George Washington; The Posy Collection; Kit includes: Fabric, floss, needle, instructions and color photo of finished project.

“The east front of the Mansion at Mount Vernon features a breathtaking view of the Potomac River as well as a sweeping lawn. The impressive Mansion was the result of years of planning and design. At the age of 22, George Washington inherited the small house his father had built, and spent more than 30 years enlarging the structure. His first major change was the addition of a full story in 1758, bringing the height of the building to two-and-a-half stories. Just before the Revolutionary War, he added wings on the North and South ends of the Mansion, nearly tripling the size of the house. The wings were connected to two adjoining outbuildings with colonnades. The design of this kit was inspired by a Currier & Ives lithograph of Mount Vernon published in the mid-1800s.”.”; 9" x 5"; Aida; 18ct


2010 Holiday Cherub; Mirabilia Designs; 65282 (by the yard) Beach Walk Linen 32ct or 355282 (by the yard) Beach Walk Aida 16ct or
65282L (prepak) Beach Walk Linen 32ct or 355282A (prepak) Beach Walk Aida 16ct
Beads: (# of pkgs) 03043 (1)
Kreinik: 002 #4 Braid (B980 or B1980)
**Approximate design size 6.6" w x 5.2" h


Tree of Hope; Mirabilia Designs; 65B (by the yard) or 651L (prepack) Natural Brown Linen 32ct
Beads: (# of pkgs) 00165 (1), 00525 (1), 02017 (1), 02085 (1), 18821 (1), 18831 (1)
Caron Collection Waterlilies: CWL207, CWL208, CWL244, CWL226
See Mirabilia Embellishment Pack: MD109E
**Approximate design size 11.6" w x 15.2" h


Scent Of Old Roses; Mirabilia Designs; 65141 Laurel Linen 32ct
Beads: (# of pkgs) 00165 (1), 00525 (1), 00561 (1), 02003 (1), 02019 (2)
Kreinik: 023 #4 Braid (B92 or B1092), 9194 #4 Braid (B677 or B1677)
**Approximate design size 7.5" w x 13.25" h


Cliff House 1896-1907; The Posy Collection; Kit includes: fabric, floss,needle, chart, instructions and color photo of finished project.

After the first Cliff House burned to the ground in 1894, owner Adolph Sutro constructed a replacement on a much grander scale. Designed in the style of a 17th century French chateau, the second Cliff House opened to the public in February of 1896. The elegant eight-story structure included four spires and an observation tower 200 feet above sea level, with an elevator, at that time quite an innovation, connecting all floors. Designed as site for dining, dancing, and entertaining rather than a hotel, the building included several galleries and parlors, with multiple private lunchrooms and dining rooms. The building survived the great earthquake of 1906, but was destroyed in less than two hours by a raging fire in February, 1907. Today, visitors can imagine the lively activities that took place during the relatively short lifetime of this impressive edifice. ; 6" x 4.5"; Aida; 18ct


Butterflies Of The Meadow; Nora Corbett Designs (Mirabilia Designer); 429203 Water Lily Jobelan 28ct
Beads: (# of pkgs) 02016 (1), 03021 (1), 03037 (1), 16603 (1)
Kreinik: 001J #4 Braid (B89 or B1089), 005 #4 Braid (B982 or B1982), 011HL #4 Braid (B957 or B1957), 829 #4 Braid (B2593 or B2594)
Specialty Threads WT212 for attaching beads, DMC Color Variations Floss V4060 and V4070
**Approximate design size 9" w x 6.5" h


2009 Holiday Cherub; Mirabilia Designs; 65110 (by the yard) French Lace Linen 32ct or 355110 (by the yard) French Lace Aida 16ct or
65110L (prepak) French Lace Linen 32ct or 355110A (prepak) French Lace Aida 16ct
Beads: (# of pkgs) 02096 (1), 10036 (1), 40168 (1)
Kreinik: 002HL #4 Braid (B90 or B1090)
**Approximate design size 7.3" w x 4.7" h


Sabrina; Mirabilia Designs; 65140 (by the yard) or 65140L (prepack) Natural Light Linen 32ct
Beads: (# of pkgs) 02014 (1), 03050 (1), 03055 (2), 18828 (1), 42014 (3)
Treasures: (# of pkgs) 13011 (2)
Caron Collection Waterlilies: CWL204, CWL219
Kreinik: 032 #4 Braid (B985 or B1985)
See Mirabilia Embellishment Pack: MD106E
**Approximate design size 12.4" w x 16.2" h


La Belle; The Posy Collection; Kit includes: fabric, floss,needle, chart, instructions and color photo of finished project.

La Belle was one of four ships in a 1684 expedition led by the legendary French explorer Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle (1643-1687) under the aegis of King Louis XIV. La Salle was charged with establishing a French colony at the mouth of the Mississippi River, creating trade routes, and locating silver mines in Spanish territory to eliminate Spain’s chokehold on the Gulf and create a base from which to launch attacks on New Spain and seize control of its silver mines. Hardships plagued the French expedition as it was attacked by pirates, overshot the Mississippi River, and landed in the Gulf of Mexico off the Texas shore. La Belle was wrecked in a violent storm and La Salle eventually was murdered by his own men. It was this French incursion into Spanish territory that became the catalyst for Spain’s renewed attention to the region that would become Texas and their ultimate settlement of the area.; 7" x 10"; Aida; 18ct


Lady of Mystery; Mirabilia Designs; Fabric:
6515 Amber/Toasted Almond Linen 32ct Alt Fabric: 355133 Lambswool Aida 16ct

Mill Hill Beads: (# of pkgs) 10003(1), 10020(1), 18014(1)

Mill Hill Treasures:

Caron Waterlilies:
CWL063, CWL196(2)

Kreinik #4 Braid:

See Mirabilia Embellishment Pack: MD152E

**Approximate design size 13.125"w x 19.875"h**


Crystal Symphony; Mirabilia Designs; Alt Fabric: 76138 Stoney Point Linen 28ct
Beads: (# of pkgs) 00081 (1), 00150 (1), 00168 (1), 03041 (1), 10004 (2), 16161 (1), 18002 (1), 18829 (1), 42010 (2), 42027 (1)
Kreinik: 011HL #4 Braid (B957 or B1957), 150V #4 Braid (B369 or B1369), 071 #8 Braid (B256 or B1256)
**Approximate design size 11.5" w x 17.75" h


Sutro Baths; The Posy Collection; Kit includes: fabric, floss,needle, chart, instructions and color photo of finished project.

Billed as "the largest salt water natatorium in the world," the Sutro Baths opened to the public in 1896. Featuring six salt water pools with water at different temperatures, as well as a spring-fed fresh water pool, all enclosed beneath a three-acre roof of glass panels, the complex also boasted more than 500 dressing rooms, a concert hall, a museum, seating for 8,000 spectators, and, for a time, an ice skating rink. Constructed next to the Cliff House, this comprehensive amusement facility was the brainchild of Adolph Sutro, an immigrant from Prussia and one-time mayor of San Francisco. His dream was create a site that would provide affordable and wholesome activity for the people of nearby San Francisco. The pools were closed in 1953, and the entire structure was destroyed by fire in 1966. Today, Cliff House visitors can see the Sutro Baths ruins and imagine the excitement experienced by adults and children alike, years ago.; 7" x 4.5"; Aida; 18ct


Charlotte; Mirabilia Designs; 65282 (by the yard) Beach Walk Linen 32ct or 355282 (by the yard) Beach Walk Aida 16ct or
65282L (prepak) Beach Walk Linen 32ct or 355282A (prepak) Beach Walk Aida 16ct
Beads: (# of pkgs) 00561 (1), 02073 (1)
Treasures: (# of pkgs) 12143 (1), 12144 (1), 12200 (3), 12229 (2), 12230 (2) 13063 (2)
See Mirabilia Embellishment Pack: MD112E
**Approximate design size 11.9" w x 15.8" h


Leilani the Hula Dancer; Mirabilia Designs; 76527 (by the yard) Caribbean Blue Linen 28ct or 257527 (by the yard) Caribbean Blue Jobelan Aida 14ct or
76527L (prepak) Caribbean Blue Linen 32ct or 527527A (prepak) Caribbean Blue Aida 14ct
Beads: (# of pkgs) 02023 (1), 10114(1), 13007(1), 72008(1), 72045(1)
Treasure: 13007
Caron Waterlilies: CWL139, CWL221, CWL257, CWL276
**Approximate design size 6.5" w x 10.36" h

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Crystal Christmas; Mirabilia Designs; 65W White Linen 32ct or 360951 White Belfast Linen 32ct
Beads: (# of pkgs) 02016 (3), 02026 (2), 03047MH (2), 03050 (1), 40479 (1), 42011 (1)
Treasures: (# of pkgs) replace 13059 which is no longer available with 12108 (1) or 12061 (1)
**Approximate design size 25" w x 13.25" h